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To charge or not to charge: that is the question.

Currently, there are really only two ways about it. Many internet publishers either charge for content and/or services (micro-payments) or they rely on advertising revenue. Both methods of monetization have their problems. We don’t need to tell you what they are so we’ll skip straight to the solutions.

The problem

  • SurecliX sits side by side with online payment systems.
  • Consumers can either choose to view an advertiser's message and have the advertiser pay for their content/service or they can choose to pay - truly the best of both worlds.
  • SurecliX can also be implemented as a stand-alone advertising/payment solution.
  • Publishers receive the exact amount of payment from the advertiser as they would if the consumer chose to pay for the same content/service.
  • SurecliX breaks the credit card barrier thus allowing publishers to monetize those visitors that do not have credit cards or refuse to pay for online content or services.

The solution
SurecliX can be utilized by publishers to monetize the following types of online content and services:

  • Online newspapers/magazines and archives
  • News video/general video
  • Movie downloads
  • Music downloads
  • Ringtones
  • Online games
  • Dating services

SurecliX advertisements are extremely simple to implement. The system has been designed to work in a very similar way to current ad serving systems - only a few minor changes are needed to be up and running with the SurecliX system.

For more information on how SurecliX can help to monetize your content or services please contact us.

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