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How it works

The SurecliX system ensures that TV style, long running, internet advertisements have been viewed in their entirety by the following method.

On each of the four sides of the advertisement is a graphical bar.

At a random time during the playing of the advertisement one of the four bars will begin to flash. The viewer must click on the flashing bar before it stops flashing in order to prove that they are paying attention. If the viewer fails to click on a bar when it flashes (likely because they have decided to check their email, or surf the internet in the background) then the advertisement will stop and the viewer will be asked if they want to view the advertisement again.

The process is very simple and intuitive and an explanation as to how the process works is given prior to viewing an advertisement.

SurecliX can quickly and easily SurecliX enable any television or Flash advertisement for seamless integration with most ad serving platforms/networks.

You can run through a demonstration of the system in a mock internet scenario here.

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