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Ever felt frustrated when you have searched for an interesting article only to find that when you get to the site you are asked to buy a 6 month subscription to access the content, or perhaps they just want to charge you a dollar or more?

At SurecliX, we have also been frustrated by this situation and we have decided to do something about it. To charge or not to charge: that is the question.

How we help
SurecliX offers internet surfers an alternative form of payment to cold hard cash. Site visitors can now choose to view a SurecliX advertisement as a means of payment and have the advertiser pay for their content or services. That's right, for any content or service on the Internet that requires a small payment site visitors can choose to view a SurecliX advertisement instead.

Sure, it would be much better if the content/service were free, but there will always be things that sites want to charge for so SurecliX offers the ideal alternative. Ultimately, the content or services that requires a fee is going to be of premium quality to the stuff that is free so we are providing the tool for Internet surfers to get the cream without actually having to pay. And keep in mind that we're not talking about annoying pop-up ads here, site visitors choose to view an advertisement as a form of payment only if and when they want to.

Where we want to go
We aim to have SurecliX supporting the following online content and services in the near future:

  • Movies --- watch an ad, download an old school movie for free
  • Movies2 --- watch a few ads, download a latest release movie for free
  • TV shows --- watch one or two ads, download your favourite TV show for free
  • Music --- watch one or two ads, download your favorite MP3 single for free

And much much more.

If you know of a site that should be using SurecliX then it would be helpful if you email us and let us know about the site. Alternatively, if you are feeling really outgoing you might want to email the site directly and tell them about SurecliX to help spread the word! >>

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