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The problem
Consumers are bombarded with around 800 marketing messages each and every single day. Whether they be in the form of billboards, bus stop shelters, 30 second TV spots or flashing banner advertisements, all of these advertising methods need to fight to capture and retain the consumer's attention. With so many competing messages vying for attention, not to mention the effects of ad blocking, channel surfing and Tivo skipping, it is no wonder that many advertisers are looking for alternatives.

The solution
Our system allows advertisers to dramatically cut through the clutter with guaranteed captured attention to each and every television style advertisement served. Captured attention means that the advertiser need not lock themselves into the 30 second ad spot, the message can even be 1 minute, 2 minutes or even more, just as long as the advertiser gives a commensurate reward to the viewer.


  • SurecliX guarantees advertisers that their TV style, internet advertisements are seen in their entirety.
  • SurecliX advertisements are completely permission based, users only choose to view them if and when they want.
  • Advertisers only pay for each and every advertisement run to completion.
  • Guaranteed viewing allows advertisers to break out of the 30 second ad mould and create informative advertisements of any reasonable length. The only limitation is how much an advertiser is willing to pay for the viewers attention.
  • SurecliX allows advertisers to take their TV advertisements and test market them to a highly targeted audience on the Internet for a greatly reduced cost. (TV advertisement can be converted and ready for use within a matter of hours).

If you are an advertiser and are interested in utilizing the SurecliX advertising format then please contact us for more information. >>

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